Our private lessons make up the bulk of our studio program and are essential to each student progressing at the appropriate rate for them individually.  We offer method book lessons, theory, ear training, expansion of repertoire for intermediate and advanced students, and composition and arranging lessons for advanced musicians.

In addition to our weekly lessons, we are now offering "Book Blasts" periodically throughout the year where students come for 2-3 hours for a long lesson and we "blast" through their method books so they can move ahead more quickly. They are given breaks and we do theory worksheets and games in addition to working on their songs.  Our students love to finish a book and get to the next level!

We are also offering beginning students a "Beginners' Intensive Basic Skills Class" where aspiring music students can come for a 3 hour class and learn all the basics needed to begin piano, flute, voice, or any other instrument.  All are welcome to attend and don't have to be studio members.  This is a great class to start with as it really gets them rolling before trying an instrument or learning voice!

Our Annual Studio Recital happens at the end of the school year in May or June and involves all members of the studio. Each student spends months preparing a solo piece to perform for an audience.  This is the pinnacle of the studio year as it puts on display all the work that we the teachers, and our students have put into over the past 12 months.  It is free of charge and open to anyone.  Students are dressed up nicely and we perform in The Little Theater at Santa Ana High School.  

Next summer we will be offering "Summer Piano Camp" and "Summer Flute Camp" and a "Singer's Masterclass and Workshop".  These will happen periodically throughout June, July, and early August.  Watch the calendar next spring to find out when classes begin!